Gone Axe Throwing is Peoria’s first and only indoor axe throwing venue and bar that makes you feel right at home in their cozy lodge-like space right in the heart of the Warehouse District.

Co-owners, Matthew and Sara Ruder’s vision is all about creating unique experiences for people to have fun. Their goal is to make you feel safe and comfortable while of course having an amazing experience.

Long before opening on April 2nd, 2019, Matt and Sara spent hours researching and learning all they could from friends in the industry – an industry that is closely related to haunted houses where the Matt and Sara story began.

In a haunt, not so long ago….

Red Hat Enterprises, Inc. isn’t a corporate giant. We’re a small company with big dreams. All it takes is a dream to start, of course. And well, our dreams were all over the place, on the weird side, and included creating things no one ever had. Red Hat technically became a company in 2017 with the quick birth of Gone In 60 Escape Games but its roots started way back with Matt Ruder, President of Red Hat, recognizing that he needed a better way to manage the volunteer actors at the Dungeon of Darkness Haunted House in Pekin, Illinois.

With the help of a colleague, Matt developed a program to help with communication in 2009. That program, named Haunt Scheduler, was officially a business in 2014. Knowing Matt from volunteering at Dungeon of Darkness – Sara Fickes (now Ruder ;), Vice President and co-owner started to help market Haunt Scheduler. It has grown from a small messaging program to scheduling, timekeeping, costume, and makeup management. It is a one-of-a-kind web-based tool for attraction owners and managers of all haunt sizes.

Haunt Scheduler merch
Haunt Scheduler Booth
Sara and Matt Ruder
The Contagion
The Coven
The Morgue

Escape with me…

Fast forward a bit to 2015 and escape rooms starting to trickle out from the big cities and into haunt trade shows and conventions. Matt, ever the visionary, became interested from the moment he heard about it. After completing an escape room, Matt and Sara left exhilarated. They loved the challenge but were extremely disappointed in the realism of the set design. They knew they could bring Peoria an immersive and therefore amazing, fun new form of entertainment.

In March of 2017 (with a bit of luck, good friends, and great timing) opening escape became a possibility. Gone In 60 Escape Games opened three short months later on June 30, 2017, with two rooms, The Coven and The Contagion. At the beginning of 2018, we set out to build the 3rd room, The Morgue. Matt and Sara wanted it to be a room that wow’d and excited even the most experienced players. Building a realistic escape room from concept to creation proved to be quite the challenge, especially since Matt and Sara were still working their full-time jobs. So, in the summer of 2018, they decided to take the <gulp> risk and work solely for the business.  Matt and Sara finally finished The Morgue in mid-September 2018.

Axe-tually we can…

Now working for themselves, Matt and Sara sought ways to grow the business. In May of 2018, Matt and Sara (while attending a trade show for Haunt Scheduler) discovered axe throwing. Intrigued by the unique fun and similarities in business models, they started researching how to bring it to Peoria. Many trials and tribulations (mostly lack of funding) later, Matt and Sara persevered and started construction in January in The Block development right next door to Gone In 60. In April of 2019, Gone Axe Throwing was open.

People Axe Throwing
Matt and Sara Ruder, Chamber Ribbon Cutting

Rage on…

Everything came to a halt in March of 2020, with COVID-19 shutting down entertainment and amusement businesses. Running a business during a pandemic turned out to be quite the challenge that no one saw coming. During the first shutdown, the Coven, Contagion, and Morgue rooms were retired and sold and construction began at Gone Axe’s location to bring Gone In 60 together under one roof. When reopening, Gone Axe’s kitchen started serving an expanded food menu and our mobile trailer was introduced. The pandemic created a world of uncertainty and constant change; leaving plenty of people unhappy and angry.  This is when Sara (finally) convinced Matt that a rage room was needed. Gone Mad Rage Room opened and people started breaking sh!t in October of 2020.