Effective for bookings after June 4th, lanes will share an AxeMaster. Shared AxeMasters will cover safety and help with instruction and games but will help others at the same time on other lanes too. Dedicated AxeMasters will be available only with the VIP Private Room experiences. 


All experiences are within a structured environment. That means arriving on time is extremely important. We start your experience at the start time, regardless of when you show up. Sounds harsh but we have to stick to the schedule or it affects everyone else. Your experience starts with a safety brief,  throwing instruction, and then fun, competitive games for the rest of your booking time.  If you are late, you disrupt the fun of the other groups on your lane (if throwing public) or you won’t have as long to throw.


We can accept walk-ins when we have the lane and staff available. This is not usually the case on the weekends. All walk-ins are a public experience. You will pay a little more as a walk-in too and there are no discounts. For these reasons, we highly suggest making a booking.

Booking Online

All bookings are made online. If you have a larger group or a custom request, please contact us here.  Call 309-419-2461 if you have questions but we do not make bookings over the phone.

Click here to book your experience.