Hit the teambuilding mark – have your co-workers throw axes!

Your position in the company won’t matter when you step into the lane. That’s because Axe Throwing is for every size and strength. This means an equal playing field for you and your co-workers. Prepare for (varying time lengths available) high-intensity, pulse-pounding adrenaline as you and your comrades overcome the challenges of properly throwing an axe at your target. You haven’t done a teambuilding activity like this!

We can host up to 60 throwers in our woodsy facility. Spectators can find seating behind the action or at our lodge bar. When you book, you will get a dedicated AxeMaster showing you the ways of the axe and hosting fun games or maybe a tournament? When booking, keep in mind that each lane holds up to 12 people and each lane gets a dedicated AxeMaster. Custom booking times outside of our normal schedule are available.

Each member of your team will dig deep and call upon their inner lumberjack to prove themselves for this team builder.  Everyone in your company finds a challenge in adapting, quick learning, and confidence! This corporate teambuilder is produced by the same people who have brought you one of the most frequently used teambuilding in the area, Gone In 60 Escape Games, and is also an option to choose from. We are located in the same location now! Gone Mad Rage Room is also an option to add to your teambuilding experience.